Saturday, March 24, 2012

Valley Quarterlies

I found something very interesting in the Albany Public library.  Kinship Books founded by Arthur C. M. Kelly published a quarter of quarterly journals containing transcriptions of local records for fifteen years.   One I looked at contained vital records for a local county before 1889.  Virtually all local records before 1889 have been destroyed.  The journals were called The Capital, The Columbia, The Mohawk and The Saratoga.  I don’t know the time period they were published.  The one I reference was published in 1987.  Sadly the Albany Public Library doesn’t even have all of the copies of The Capital.  I have been researching 16 years and never heard of these books.  There’s always something to learn.  Kinship sells indexes to the queries published in the journals.  You’d have to search for the original journals.

Wolfe Marriages

I recently visited the Pruyn Collection of Albany History in the main branch of the Albany Public Library.  I wanted to look at the records for St. Paul's Episcopal Church and St. Paul's Lutheran Church.  I didn't find any of the people I was looking for, but I can rule these churches out now.  I found the following two marriage records that might be useful for someone.

Record no. 2007, Early Records of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Albany, NY, 1828- 1924:  John Wolfe married Ellen Cornelia Taylor in 1873.

Marriage Records of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Albany, New York:  22 April 1878 John Sherman Wolfe of Albany, age 27 married Helen Cordelia Taylor aged 20.  Witnesses were J. L. Rua and Mary Herbert, page 27.

I guess if there were several John Wolfes in the area, there could be two women with similar names.