Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wolfe Marriages

I recently visited the Pruyn Collection of Albany History in the main branch of the Albany Public Library.  I wanted to look at the records for St. Paul's Episcopal Church and St. Paul's Lutheran Church.  I didn't find any of the people I was looking for, but I can rule these churches out now.  I found the following two marriage records that might be useful for someone.

Record no. 2007, Early Records of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Albany, NY, 1828- 1924:  John Wolfe married Ellen Cornelia Taylor in 1873.

Marriage Records of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Albany, New York:  22 April 1878 John Sherman Wolfe of Albany, age 27 married Helen Cordelia Taylor aged 20.  Witnesses were J. L. Rua and Mary Herbert, page 27.

I guess if there were several John Wolfes in the area, there could be two women with similar names.

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