Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winchell Connection to Margaret Suckley

The movie "Hyde Park on Hudson" reminded me there is a personal Winchell connection to Margaret Suckley.

My Aunt Kate Winchell Mowris took care of Ms. Suckley during the last months of her life at Wilderstein.  I just received this confirmation from the Wilderstein Historic Site:

"Kate Mowris, with excellent recommendations, was hired a few months before Miss Suckley died to come in once a day and cook lunch for her. Kate would clean and straighten the kitchen, cook and spend time with Daisy. Miss Suckley had begun to fail in the spring; it began with either a stroke or heart attack which made it difficult to understand her speech. She spent a couple of days in the hospital. She wanted to go home but was persuaded that this stay was only temporary and that she would be released soon which did happen. Meanwhile, Kate and her daughter [Genie Mowris Oles] had put together a team of caretakers who made Daisy comfortable in her library. I believe she was cared for this way for about two months. Kate and company would make sure she was drinking water and eating every day which was Dr. McKibbin's stipulation if she was to remain at home. Kate Mowris and her team made Miss Suckley comfortable and  allowed her to remain at home which was so important to her. Wint Aldrich, her very caring cousin who helped establish Wilderstein Preservation, introduced Kate after the funeral as we gathered on the verandah at Wilderstein. When Winty talked about the wonderful care Daisy had received from this woman and her team of caregivers she was given a round of applause which caused her some embarrassment but she did understand that we were all sincerely grateful to her.

Margaret L. Suckley died June 29, 1991."

My aunt Katherine Winchell Mowris is the woman on the left.  My aunt Amy Shook Winchell is the woman on the right.  They both worked in health care. 

Aunt Kate's daughter Genie Mowris Oles is the woman on the left.  On the right is her daughter Bonnie Oles and the boy is her brother Clayton. 

These photos were taken at my high school graduation party at my Great-Aunt Gwen Winchell's in Lenox Dale, Massachusetts.

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