Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ada Winchell

I now know what my great-grandaunt Ada G. Winchell looked like.

I had originally thought that the girl below was Ada.  However, the ears aren't the same.  It's possible this is her sister Rachel Almira Winchell, who was two years older, or a female cousin.  There seems to be a marked resemblance.

I don't have much information on Ada.  She was born on 25 December 1866 in the Town of Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Mass., the daughter of John L. Winchell and Winifred O. Ashley.  In July 1870 the family was living in North Egremont in the same county.  By June 1880 her parents had bought the house at 25 Hart Street in Housatonic in the Town of Great Barrington.  

Ada was already working in a local cotton mill at the age of 13.  On 31 January 1890 Ada died of consumption, or tuberculosis, at the age of 23 in the Town of Great Barrington.  She is buried in Saint Bridget's Cemetery in Housatonic.

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