Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Daughters of the American Revolution

As stuffy as it may sound, I’m thinking about applying to join the Daughters of the American Revolution.  The main reason is because no one has joined under my ancestor Eliakim Winchell.  Eliakim was also Native American, Mohican and Wappinger.  He was also a Mohican who did not belong to the Stockbridge Regiment.

This is the way all artists of the American Revolution believe all Mohican soldiers dressed
Several years ago I wrote to a few artists who depicted Native Americans in the Seven Years’ War and the American Revolution.  I was working on a display of my family history for an event put on by the Town of Taghkanic, in Columbia County, New York.  Twenty of my Mohican relatives fought in the American Revolution, twelve in the Continental Army.  I could only find pictures of European men in uniform and they just did not look right on the display, nor do it justice.  The artists told me that Mohicans only fought in the Stockbridge Regiment, which my research has proven false.  I guess you can say this is a move for accurate representation of Mohican revolutionary soldiers in artwork.  Drawing and painting are not two skills I possess.

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