Friday, August 23, 2013

Information Accumulates

Although I have been finding information on my Winchell relatives and entering it, I haven't created a report with the program for a while.  I just did so to send to a cousin.  It was 144 pages!  144 page and 120 pages were information!   For what it's worth, I've accomplished something.  I have an older version of Rootsmagic and it doesn't allow me to create a report just for one family line. This information includes all the collateral lines.  The information is sketchy for some people and I haven't followed all the information, but still....

Some of the interesting tidbits about cousins I've learned recently:

  • Frederick M. Snyder served the U.S. Olympics Committee from 1916 to at least 1976 and participated in the effort to restore Jim Thorpe's Olympic medals to his family.
  • Frederick's father George Franklin Snyder became a Methodist minister who served mainly in the Hudson Valley region.  His last church was Fordham Methodist Church.  Frederick's brothers Clifford, Donald and Rolland moved to the greater New York City area.
  •  Frank E. Boyce was an Otsego County farmer in upstate New York, who began working in the office of a newspaper when he was 60 years old.  He later bought the paper, the Hartwick Reporter.  He seemed to be well liked because there were 3 minister participating in his funeral.
  • William Henry Winchell and his son Clarence C. Winchell were both Methodist ministers in the Hudson and  Mohawk Valleys. 

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