Friday, January 3, 2014

Andrew Brazie and the Woodbecks

I've just realized there is another way to view Andrew Brazie's relationship with the family of John Woodbeck. His death record said his mother was Clara Winchell. Clara sounds similar to Clarissa, and was probably more common.  Is it possible that Clarissa was first married to Andrew Brazie Sr., he died and then she married John Woodbeck?  According to the 1850 census, Clarissa was born about 1806.  Andrew Jr. was born about 1825.  An age of 19 for the mother is perfectly in line with other mothers of the time period.  The first of John Woodbeck's children was born about 1832.   I have a few more items to add to my list of research for the Local History Room of the Berkshire Athenaeum when I finally go back.

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