Friday, January 24, 2014

The Education of John Konkapot, Junior

My posts have been a little scarce lately since I've started two new jobs this month.  The first one was temporary and the second one hopefully will be full-time, permanent with full benefits.  I just have to pass the training, and the company tries hard to help you pass.  Wish me luck!

Colleague Drew Blattner found the below yesterday about the education of John Konkapot, junior.  I'm not sure why he's called an Oneida Indian since John Konkapot was the Mohican chief of Stockbridge, NY.  At this time the main council fire of the Mohicans had moved to the Oneida territory, so perhaps the reference was geographical and not political.  I have seen that in past documents.

The Statutes at Large of Pennsylvania.
Whereas, on the twenty-fourth of March, one thousand seven
hundred and ninety-seven, the leghslature granted the sum of
two hundred dollars for the education of John Konkapot, junior.
And whereas it is judged expedient to complete the education
of the said John Konkapot. Therefore:
[Section 1.] (Section I, P. L.) Be it enacted by the Senate
and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by
the authority of the same, That the governor of this commonwealth
be enabled to provide for completing the education of
John Konkapot, junior, one of the Oneida Indians, at the public
expense, provided the whole sum to be expended shall not exceed
the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, to be paid from time
to time, as the same may be necessary for completing the education
of the said John Konkapot, junior, to be paid, by warrant
drawn by the governor, out of any money that may be in the

Passed April 11, 1799. Recorded L. B. No. 7, p. 9.

Pages 336-7.

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