Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Classmate Becomes a Cousin

Today I went to the Mellenville Union Cemetery to look for my great-uncle's grave and that of his wife.  I started to look around graves of the approximate era.  My attention was drawn to those of people whose last names I recognized.  There was a man there whom I started talking to.  His last name was Howard and my mother knew his sister Anne Howard.  As I was talking to him, my eyes strayed to this tombstone:

My immediate thought was "Catharine Brazee!"  I had a classmate named Albert Charron throughout school and as there was only one Charron family in our village, I'm pretty sure this is his family. If you've visited this blog before, you know that I've been researching the Brazie family in Berkshire County.  It turns out this woman was born in Berkshire County, the daughter of William D. and Rosie D. Brazee.  William's parents were  Frank/Francis Brazee and Sarah Cline. Frank's parents were Anthony Brazee and Debrah Winchell.  I believe Debrah was the daughter of Eliakim Winchell, my ancestor.  This would make Albert and me distant cousins sharing interesting Mohican, Wappinger, German and English family history.  Albert, did you know at least twenty of your family fought in the American Revolution, including the Green Mountain Boys?

I was also interested to see William and Rosie living with Phoebe Winters and her family in Hillsdale in 1910.  Clarissa Winchell Woodbeck had Winters descendants.  I will have to research the people they're living with to see who their families were and if they were the same family.

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