Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kinds of Cousins

I've realized that during the past year that I was provided with good illustrations of kinds of cousins.  Everyone is familiar with first cousins, the children of your parents' siblings.  People have trouble figuring out second and third cousins.  

Last May after some dramatic spring weather I met a second cousin visiting from southwestern Michigan.  He is the grandson of my great-grandfather's daughter Jeannette and my second cousin.

This past fall I began researching the families of my great-grandfather's siblings, starting with the family of his brother Robert Artemus Winchell.  I discovered that his great-grandson Edward, my third cousin, was living.  I wrote a letter to him and received a nice one back.  I called him back.  Today I will be meeting his daughter, to whom I'd already been introduced a few years ago.  I remember we discussed whether or not we were related.  We know the answer now!

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