Sunday, April 13, 2014

Newspaper Article Dates Photos

Thanks to an article in the Springfield Daily Republican on July 11, 1929, I know the approximate date the photos below were taken.  I don't usually know that.  I can guess an era or a time within a year or two, if it's not a known occasion like a wedding.

It's nice to read of a time when my great-uncle took his family to visit his two sisters Edna and Janette and his father. His brother Elmer lived on the same road, so chances are he visited him and his new wife Gwendolyn Wheeler as well.

In back Ellis H. Winchell and his father Henry F. Winchell.  In front are Ellis' five children: William, Robert, Grace, Jane and Elizabeth.

Ellis's Wife Elizabeth Starrett with daughters Grace and Elizabeth and Robert on her lap.

Ellis's sister Janette Winchell and I think this is her daughter Grace.  

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