Saturday, July 19, 2014

Good News and Bad News

I have just discovered Iowa Old Press on the web, which seems to be a counterpart to Old Fulton NY Post Cards,  an online archive of old newspapers, mainly from New York State.  I am still trying to find out where Mary Lucinda Winchell, the wife of Rev. Ira N. Pardee, died.  It would be nice if I could document her life further, as well as her sister Georgiana Winchell, who moved west with her sister and her family.  Georgiana was known as Georgie and she married Robert Steele 11 December 1878 in Webster County, Iowa.  The bad news is there was a couple with about the same names living in the same area of Plymouth County, Iowa, Robert and Anna Steele.  Maybe that's why Georgiana changed her name.  I imagine as I puruse the files at Iowa Old Press I'll be able to sort out the news stories on the two different families.

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