Friday, July 4, 2014

My July Fourth

People can search U.S. census records free on Ancestry, so I'm doing that this weekend.  I'm trying to fill the holes in my cousin's family.  I can only access certain census records on Familysearch.  I'm using Genedocs' census summary sheet, mostly because it's pretty.  I did start a similar spreadsheet a while ago, but didn't follow up on it.  

I'm also trying to follow up on some of my own research: Andrew Brasie in Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY, and Cornelius Brasie living in Berkshire Co., MA.  It's not much fun when records for the town were burned.  I saw that there is a Sons of the American Revolution application for Andrew Brasie.  I'll have to go to the library and look it up.  It may have some helpful information.  There are also tax assessments listed.  I don't know if those will be helpful.

This search also reminds me that Andrew was probably originally named Andreas, and later the name was anglicized to Andrew.  Always I keep in mind that his surname Brasie has been spelled many different ways.  I have not tried to keep track of all the variations.  Maybe I should.

I read the History of Hillsdale, Columbia County, N.Y. by John Francis Collin I found on the Internet Archive. Unfortunately the people mentioned in the book are those who either served politically or owned businesses.

I have to say my research has definitely been enhanced after I heard a radio broadcast of On The Media by WAMC featuring the Internet Archive.  WAMC has made my research doubly enjoyable today by airing a special by American Roots and the Capitol Steps.  

Let me not forgot my ancestors who served this country in the name of democracy.

 Ancestors Who Served

Seven Years’ War
  1. Hezekiah Winchell Sr.
  2. Zephaniah Wix

American Revolution
  1. Isaac Beman
  2. Berryman Brown
  3. Richard Brown
  4. Samuel Brown
  5. Frederick Buckalew
  6. Noah Hayden
  7. William Hayden
  8. Edward Houchins
  9. Christopher Peavler
  10. Cornelius Vanderveer
  11. Richard Wells
  12. Sampson Wickersham
  13. Nathaniel Wilson
  14. Eliakim Winchell
  15. Hezekiah Winchell Sr.
  16. Zephaniah Wix, imprisoned by the British, died on the way home.

Civil War
  1. Adam William Baker, imprisoned in Andersonville
  2. Albert Galantine Gatton, died in service
  3. William Gragg
  4. Jesse Hise, Indiana Calvary
  5. John L. Winchell

World War II
Avery Kenneth Winchell

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