Monday, March 16, 2015

Another New Role

It looks like I'll be taking on another new role: keeper of the family tombstones.

I received a message back from the president of the Mellenville Union Cemetery Association.  I have permission to clean my great-uncle's tombstone, and he said no one else would do it.  That makes it pretty clear.  My great-uncle and his wife lie behind the large rectangle stone near the center of the photo.

I wonder if it's the same case in Berkshire County.  At one time I visited the cemetery near the old Great Barrington Fair.  I think it was after the tornado hit the area.  Most of the tombstones were illegible.  I believe they were cleaned the wrong way some time in history.  That was a great shame.  The old tombstones are more delicate that you'd think.

I was warned to wait until the snow melted and the mud dried up.  I guess he doesn't expect everyone to be a country girl.

I started a spreadsheet of family graves, starting with the earliest known one for George Winchell.  There are a lot of graves in Berkshire County!  It's difficult to know the best way to format the spreadsheet, but I do need it.

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