Monday, August 16, 2010

Mohican Seminar 1

The Native American Institute of the Hudson Valley, the New York State Museum and the State Education Department sponsored a series of seminars beginning in 1997.  The proceedings have been published in a series of three bulletins.  Unfortunately the State Museum's web site and Amazon do not list the individual papers.  Here I will.

Mohican Seminar 1: The Continuance–Al Algonquian Peoples Seminar, Selected Research Papers–2000, Shirley W. Dunn, editor. New York State Museum Bulletin 501, University of the State of New York, the State Education Department, Albany, N.Y., 2004. ISBN: 1-55557-145-X

Papers included:

  1. Curtin, Edward V., “The Ancient Mohicans in Time, Space and Prehistory.”
  2. Lavin, Lucianne, “Mohican/Algonquian Settlement Patterns.”
  3. Jacobs, Jaap. “Dutch Sources on Native American History.”
  4. Smith, J. Michael. “The Highland King Nimhammaw and the Native Indian Proprietors of Land in Dutchess County, N.Y.: 1712-1765.”
  5. Binzen, Timothy L. “Weataug and Wechquadnach: Native American Settlements of the Upper Housatonic.”
  6. Dunn, Shirley W. “Adapting a Culture: The Mohican Experience at Shekomeko.”
  7. Walling, Richard S. “Nimham’s Indian Company of 1778: The Events Leading Up to the Stockbridge Massacre of August 31, 1778.
  8. Broderick, Warren F. “Analysis of ‘Ben Pie:” A Native American Tale.
  9. Foley, Denis, “The Mohicans: Alcohol and the Fur Trade.”
Down this road is the site of the Moravian mission village of Shekomkeo.  I wish it could have been preserved as it was instead of turned into expensive country homes.

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