Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mohican Seminar 3

Mohican Seminar 3: The Journey—An Algonquian Peoples Seminar, New York State Museum Bulletin 511, Shirley W. Dunn, editor. The University of the State of New York, the State Education Department, Albany, N.Y., 2009. ISBN: 1-55557-240-5

Papers Included:

  1. Lake, Tom R., “The Ancestral Lure of the Hudson Estuary.”
  2. Rugenstein, Ernest R., “Evidence for Settlements Along the Kinderhook.”
  3. Ives, Timothy H., “Expressions of Community: Reconstructing Native Identity in Seventeenth Century Central Connecticut Through Land Deed Analysis.”
  4. Smith, J. Michael, “The Seventeenth Century Sachems of the Wapping Country: Corporate Identity and Interaction in the Hudson Valley.”
  5. Horecky, Scott P., “Fort Kitchawanc Archaeological Preserve at Croton Point.”
  6. Dunn, Shirley W., “Indian Ownership in and around the Catskills.”
  7. Lee, Jennifer, “Historic Indian Clothing.”
  8. Keegan, Barry, “Algonquian and Iroquois Uses of Plants and Other Materials to Make Fire.”
  9. MacDougall, Hugh C., “James Fenimore Cooper and the Mohicans.”
  10. Winchell, Debra, “The Impact of John Van Gelder: Mohican, Husbandman, and Historic Figure.”
  11. Niemi, Richard, “The Interconnected Lives of Stockbridge Indians Mary (Peters) Doxtator and Peter Pohquonnoppeet.
  12. Lake, Tom R., “The Divinity of Eagles.”

Signature of John Van Gelder

John Van Gelder's tomahawk, photo by James N. Parrish.

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