Sunday, November 17, 2013


Philadelphia, Apr. 8.—A real martyr to music has been brought to light by Miss Wynetta L. Stacks, superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal deaconesses home here.  Miss Stacks in describing the efforts to initiate music classes in settlement work, told of one small boy who confided his life’s ambition was to play the flute.  The teacher struggled in vain to teach him but his lips would not pucker right.

Finally the teacher said:  “Joe, I guess you will never learn to blow a flute because of the way that front tooth has grown.  It is in the way.”

A few days later the lad’s mother returned home to find her son’s face bloody but shining with triumph.  He had borrowed pliers and had pulled the tooth.

“And at the first recital of the student of the class,” Miss Stacks concluded, “he blew notes on the flute.”

The Saratogian, 8 April 1922, Saratoga Springs, NY

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