Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blog Reciprocity

Today I decided to use Blogger to catch up on the blogs I follow. I came across a couple posts on the Pyburns by Jennifer Mieirs of Observations from a Genealogy Addict.  I had discovered that she was researching the possibility of Native American ancestry in her Pyburn family.  From reading genealogical posts on-line it looked possible that the parents of my documented ancestor Elizabeth Nancy Choate were Austin Choate and Elizabeth Naomi "Omi" Pyburn. All researchers have agreed that Nancy had Native ancestry.  I was very delighted to see that Ms. Mieirs researched the Choates and Pyburns further and reported her findings in her posts Thoughts, data and theories on the early Pyburns MD>VA>NC/TN and More on the early Pyburn's.  I am very appreciative. Although genealogists like to find their own ancestors, sometimes you just can't do it all yourself.  Ms. Mieirs has been very helpful.

My blog has evolved over time. I didn't think people would be interested in continually reading about an obscure family that wasn't theirs.  There are many places that instruct people in genealogical research.  I've tried to use my research as examples to help those having difficulty finding more information about their families.  I've also presented some obscure history that might be difficult to find.  The Ralph S. Ives artifact collection with its missing documentation is an excellent example.  Ultimately I try to show research isn't entirely serious and occasionally include an amusing or heart-felt article that I've come across.

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