Thursday, June 7, 2012

Confirmation is Sweet

Recently I was looking around Find A Grave to see if I could find any more family information.  I came across a photo of my grandfather's great-aunt Elizabeth Hise.  It is the very first photo I've seen of anyone in his family.  My mother said there were photos, but what happened to them is a mystery.  What was so very sweet is that it's clear the woman had Native ancestry.

Here is a photo of her great-nephew Frederick Wilson:

Family lore said that half of Fred's ancestry was Native.  I was able to confirm Native ancestry on both sides of his mother Viola V. Hise's family.  Viola and Elizabeth's father Solomon Hise was clearly marked as part-white on the census records, although some people didn't agree.  I don't think they liked what I found.  They planted doubt in my mind, though, so I was very happy to find confirmation that I knew what I was doing.

Elizabeth Hise married Enoch Whitted 30 Oct 1851 in Rockville, Indiana.  Their children were:

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